You don’t (always) need an expensive camera to take great photos. Here’s some tips I’ve learned over the years:

It has become a common place to say that the best camera is the one you have with you. This is very true. And chances are you have a camera with you at all times. You can take good pictures with any “rubbish” camera phone, but to do so, you need to know how your camera works, all of it. If your patient enough, read the manual. Don’t know what ISO, aperture or exposure mean? Find out. You can learn a lot about photography Just by learning the terminology. The best think you can do to improve shots with your cheap camera is keeping still (particularly in low light conditions) so use a tripod, Don’t have one at hand? Place your camera on a flat surface or lean it against a wall. Most importantly, learn composition, the rule of thirds, perspective and how to frame your subject. Want to know a secret? I didn’t even use a camera for some of those photos, I used an office scanner.
These are a series of shots
and photo manipulations from
when I started to learn about
photography and Photoshop.